Deem Offers API Documentation

User Purchases

List all user’s purchases

Returns an array of purchase representations.

GET /users/:user_id/purchases


count (optional)
Boolean Returns the count instead of the list. If present, per_page and page will be ignored.
per_page (optional)
Integer Limits the size of the list. Default is 100. Max is 1000.
page (optional)
Integer Returns the list corresponding to the page number if the result cannot be displayed in a single page. Default is 1.


Status: 200 OK
  "status": "success",
  "purchases": [
      "id": "34063ec2",
      "purchase_id": "34063ec2",
      "deal_type": "daily-deal",
      "deal_id": "la-1024-wsc-hair-studio-01-2",
      "price": 3900,
      "amount": 0,
      "number_bought": 0,
      "payment_state": "charged",
      "fulfillment_state": "fulfilled",
      "created_at": "Fri Dec 16 19:11:15 UTC 2011",
      "user_id": "ABC123",
      "credit_card_id": "2342f8073e",
      "deal": {
        "id": "a-50-for-100-worth-of-dining-1",
        "deal_id": "a-50-for-100-worth-of-dining-1",
        "title": "$50 for $100 worth of Dining",
        "type": "daily-deal",
        "image_url": "deals/generic_medium.gif",
        "image_url_abs": ""
      "coupons": [
          "id": "a21c5452d8",
          "expires_at": null,
          "created_at": "Fri Dec 16 19:14:55 UTC 2011",
          "qr_code_url": "http://domain/coupon/qr_code/ab231c9e",
          "qr_code": "apaosidnqw4tdsdpqi45jf091835ukdfq3-40695.kfmdg-q09i6m'ldfi8nqk6",
          "state": "valid",
          "redemption_code": null,
          "redeemed_at": null,
          "print_url": "http://domain/coupons/a21c5452d8/print"